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  1. Wonder if Solid Energy will name their proposed lignite plant and mines “Big Brown” too – after all the cowshit filled streams and rivers in the Southland region.

  2. The great thing about it was that there was this little thing at the back of my brain going “yes, but some lobbyist might just be that dumb”.

    This thought was informed by the complete lack of irony awareness in the naming of the Big Brown lignite plant in Texas http://www.luminant.com/plants/pdf/BigBrown_Facts.pdf (apparantly it is named after the neighbouring lake)

  3. i must have..the reason i warned was ‘cos i nearly got sucked in…

    ..it was the ‘many/varied ways people would be killed by solar/wind power’ that finally put me right..

    ..and of course the ‘free charcoal-pencil’ with every asthma-inhaler is also a step too far…


  4. Helena, the Solid Energy promotion you were thinking of was an essay competition for school students on the West Coast of the South Island, Waikato, Southland and Canterbury on “The Role of Coal in Sustainable Energy Solutions for New Zealand”.

    Kennedy Graham attempted to enter, but although he lives in Canterbury was disqualified on account of his age.

  5. Didn’t Solid Energy do something like this for real a while back? A kids essay competition on how great coal was as an energy source or something like that?

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