MMP leads the way

by frog

It is great to see MMP leading in the latest referendum poll. MMP is a much fairer electoral system than First Past the Post.

Under MMP the amount of votes a party gets determines how many seats it gets. It is a proportional system which means that there is no chance of an unfair or undemocratic election result.

MMP works. It has provided stable and effective Government since its introduction – where the majority of New Zealanders are represented in a coalition government.

If people vote to retain MMP – it will be reviewed so that any niggles with it can be ironed out.

MMP has also made our Parliament truly representative of the people this can be seen in that representation for women and Māori, Pasifika and Asian people has greatly increased since its introduction in 1996.

The big spending anti-MMP lobby has signaled it will launch its campaign in June – so there’s no room for complacency in the battle to keep a fair electoral system where your vote counts no matter where you live!

If you are interested in the battle to save democracy in NZ – check out the Campaign for MMP.

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