MMP leads the way

It is great to see MMP leading in the latest referendum poll. MMP is a much fairer electoral system than First Past the Post.

Under MMP the amount of votes a party gets determines how many seats it gets. It is a proportional system which means that there is no chance of an unfair or undemocratic election result.

MMP works. It has provided stable and effective Government since its introduction – where the majority of New Zealanders are represented in a coalition government.

If people vote to retain MMP – it will be reviewed so that any niggles with it can be ironed out.

MMP has also made our Parliament truly representative of the people this can be seen in that representation for women and Māori, Pasifika and Asian people has greatly increased since its introduction in 1996.

The big spending anti-MMP lobby has signaled it will launch its campaign in June – so there’s no room for complacency in the battle to keep a fair electoral system where your vote counts no matter where you live!

If you are interested in the battle to save democracy in NZ – check out the Campaign for MMP.

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  1. Aotearoa/NZ needs to move forward.. we can learn from the past, without returning to it. To those who support FPP, I would ask “do we really want to go back to a two-party system.. with the odd independant ?”
    I for one say “NO !!” Kia-ora

  2. Tony

    I should be a bit clearer. I do not think MMP is the best system, could ever be. Far from it. We would need to reform much more than the electoral system for that!

    But as Hilaire Belloc said…

    And always keep a-hold of Nurse
    For fear of finding something worse.

    We got past FPP into MMP. The lions are on their chains but they still would like to eat us!


  3. I tend to agree, bliss, except that I doubt we’ve heard of ALL of the possible alternatives. Maybe there is a better alternative.

    This first vote is not to throw out MMP but to have a further referendum on all the “leading” alternatives.

  4. Tony

    You have a point. MMP has flaws. Let’s fix the flaws, rather than through it out.

    With its faults it is better than the alternatives.


  5. It is a proportional system which means that there is no chance of an unfair or undemocratic election result.

    Eh? The last election gave an undemocratic result. The Act Party got 3.65% of the vote and the Maori Party got 2.39%. Both ended up with 5 seats. The NZ First party got 4.07% of the vote and ended up with no seats, less than even the United Future party which polled little more than The Bill and Ben Party. And some of those minor parties are in government. Also, up to 20% of the electorate couldn’t find a reason to vote for any party; that’s the third largest grouping.

    Also, the parliamentary systems itself is undemocratic, since many groups of voters have no representation in government, at all.

  6. With only 3% support for Supplementary Member, Brash and his SMers have a lot of work to do – it’s only polling slightly better than the ACT party.

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