Gareth Hughes

Flash mob for CBD rail loop

by Gareth Hughes

The Budget is fast approaching and so far the government has shown no sign that they will fund the CBD rail loop.

In fact, their latest Government Policy Statement on transport funding shows that over the next 10 years they’re planning to spend $7 on roads for every $1 they spend on sustainable transport options such as bus, rail, walking and cycling.

And a shockingly high proportion of that ($11 to $15 billion) will go into building new and even crazier Roads of National Significance.

Meanwhile, it’s just been announced that yet another Auckland public transport project (the Manukau Spur) has been delayed and won’t open till next year. Auckland trains and buses are packed to bursting. And another survey (PDF) has just come out which confirms that Aucklanders think their public transport sucks.

Well, ok, that might be over-stating it but the latest Quality of Life survey does show that Aucklanders have a significantly lower opinion of the quality of their public transport system than residents of any other major city in NZ.

What’s the government’s solution? To spend $2 billion on a highway from Puhoi to Wellsford that most Aucklanders only use 5 times a year.

Aucklanders are fed up with a government that won’t listen to them and so am I. I’m organizing a flash mob this weekend to promote the need for the government to stop pouring billions into crazy motorways and instead fund urgently needed public transport projects like the CBD rail loop.

I hope you can join me – it’s our last chance to promote the need for more funding for public transport before the budget.

Walking Train to Promote CBD rail loop

  • When: 11 am, Saturday the 14th of May
  • Where: meet at corner of K Road and Pitt Street, then follow the route of the loop down Queen Street to Aotea Square and then Britomart