All about National’s infatuation with helicopter rides

by frog

First we had the Tolleychopper. Yep, that’s right!  Education Minister Anne Tolley’s idea of getting a “helicopter view” of tertiary education providers in Auckland (before she was relieved by PM John Key of her Tertiary Education portfolio) was to go up in a chopper and have a look from the air at them.

But last Saturday, John Key himself got in on the act, commandeering an Air Force Iriquois chopper to fly him to a photo opportunity at the V8s in Hamilton, and then back in time for a cocktail party at the Royal Auckland Golf Club.

As Green Co-Leader Metiria says:

Mr Key could have solved his traffic problems by taking the train. Unfortunately his Government refuses to fund a Hamilton to Auckland line.

Thanks to National (and Labour before them), there are no commuter trains between Hamilton and Auckland, hence the traffic problems Key anticipated.

Apparently, John Key had a couple of months’ notice of the potential traffic problem.  For the cost of the helicopter, Key could probably have given Kiwirail a ring and arranged a charter deal to transport not only him, but a couple of hundred Auckland petrol heads who, thanks to National’s  social and economic policies couldn’t otherwise afford the trip, to Hamilton for the V8s and back.  He could have been their idol.

But that is not the way National Party politicians’ brains work.

Hat Tip: The Standard, for the graphic.

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