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Roger Awards

by Catherine Delahunty

Last night Green MP Keith Locke and myself attended the Roger Awards, an annual event which “celebrates” the worst multinationals affecting Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Chief Judge of the 2010 awards Christine Dann  and her team of supporting judges awarded first place to the utterly deserving Warners Bros for their interference in both the political system and the rights of workers.

The accomplice award was given to John Key and his Government for their complicity in the sorry debacle around The Hobbit which included a $100 million subsidy to keep Warners happy.

Equally serious was the law change designed by Warners which removes the choice of film workers to be an employee with employee rights. Contractors are of course easier to divide and rule in terms of pay and conditions.

Sir Peter Jackson received the “quisling” award for his facilitation of overseas interests at the expense of New Zealand workers. A giant Bugs Bunny received the award on behalf of Warners waving a carrot and crying “That’s All Folks” in true Hollywood style.

Runners up BUPA (a UK rest home consortium) and Imperial Tobacco were not represented but at the event but were seen as  well deserving of their status, BUPA for treatment of the elderly and staff and Imperial Tobacco for their unethical use of fake  community groups in their endless promoting of this killer product.

At the Roger Awards we had the chance to catch up with some of this country’s finest critics of multinational exploitation and free trade including Murray Horton from CAFCA who lead the Roger Awards process, Professor Jane Kelsey, John Minto, Sue Bradford, Joce Jesson, Maire Leadbetter  and many more.

Murray Horton is starting his nation wide tour on overseas ownership of our country tonight. He has a unique style and a depth of knowledge on this vital issue so catch him him if you can. I am hosting him in Thames this Friday night where overseas mining companies continue to be unwelcome and unnecessary.

The Roger Awards are a national icon and reminds us that the legacy of  Roger Douglas and the ideology of the free market needs constant and resolute challenge!

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