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List ranking is under way in the Green Party. Ballot papers, candidate biographies and an Initial List have just gone out to members.

The Initial List was formed by the votes of branch delegates and the candidates themselves, following the Green Party conference in Auckland in early February. At the conference Green candidates presented themselves to delegates who then went back to their branches to discuss potential list placings. The idea of the initial list is that it provides non-binding advice to members when they cast their votes, as members all over the country generally don’t have personal knowledge of all the candidates.

Once members of the Green Party cast their ballots, the party list can only be subject to minor adjustments in order to meet certain balancing criteria for gender, Maori, South island and youth representation. Last election there were no minor adjustments of this nature.

The voting and revision will take a couple of months.  A final list for the 2011 election will likely be ready in late May or early June.

This list ranking process is an internal one for the Green Party but inevitably, with a democratic process like this involving thousands of people, the info about the initial list will inevitably spread. So in order to make sure the info that spreads is the right info, here’s the initial list that’s going to Green Party members right now:

1 Turei, Metiria
2 Norman, Russel
3 Hague, Kevin
4 Delahunty, Catherine
5 Graham, Kennedy
6 Hughes, Gareth
7 Sage, Eugenie
8 Logie, Jan
9 Clendon, David
10 Walker, Holly
11 Roche, Denise
12 Genter, Julie Anne
13 Mathers, Mojo
14 Shaw, James
15 Leckinger, Richard
16 Browning, Steffan
17 Summerhays, Karen
18 Hay, David
19 Langsbury, Dora
20 Elley, Jeanette
21 Barlow, Aaryn
22 Gilchrist, Michael
23 McDonald, Jack
24 Kennedy, David
25 Woodley, Tane
26 Gallagher, Shane
27 Rotmann, Sea
28 Curtis, Mikaere
29 Burston, Joseph
30 Tollestrup, Steve
31 Goldsmith, Rachael
32 Kruize, Alex
33 Toms, Saffron
34 Dorner, Zachary
35 Monteith, Darryl
36 Watson, Pieter

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