Podcast: Courteney, Catherine and the WWG

In our most recent podcast we talk to Courteney, 19-year-old mum of 8-month-old Summer, and first year law student at Victoria University, about her experiences balancing parenting and study on the DPB, and her thoughts on the Welfare Working Group’s final report. It’s refreshing to hear about the welfare debate directly from someone affected!

We also talk to Green Party Work and Income Spokesperson Catherine Delahunty. Music on this podcast was kindly supplied by the good people at Loop.

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  1. @john-ston 11:46 AM

    It is not an argument, it is a statistic. The fact that the interviewee is from the very small percentage of DPB recipients who are teenage parents doesn’t alter that statistic.

  2. With all due respect, couldn’t the fact that the interviewee is a teenage mother ruin your argument about people on the DPB being much older women?

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