Cricket World Cup: Something for New Zealand to be proud of

At least New Zealanders have something to bolster our spirits at the moment. New Zealand are the only non-Asian team left in the Cricket World Cup. How about that! South Africa gone (defeated by New Zealand), Australia gone, England gone, West Indies gone!

We may have a Government that is clueless about the economy, has done nothing to create jobs in the wake of the global financial crisis, and is threatening to impose massive Budget cuts in two months time, not to mention their post-election privatisation proposals and Working for Families cuts.

We may have the major (at least for now) Opposition Party in complete disarray, with a Leader who also has no credible economic plan other than to leave us to the whims of the market and revealing himself as completely incompetent in dealing with a crisis of allegations of sexual offences against one of their senior MPs.

But back to cricket, there is some hope. It will be a massive task for New Zealand to beat Sri Lanka at their own home of cricket on Tuesday and make the final, especially given NZ’s hopelessness against Sri Lanka’s spin bowlers in the preliminary round. Get past that, and anything is possible.

But, hey, let’s hope. A win in the Cricket World Cup would help bolster New Zealanders to cope with the inevitable defeat by France in the Rugby World Cup.

The little guys and girls can win though.  We just need to play really well on the field and get stronger support from those in the stands.

It’s like that in politics too.

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  1. Dear Frog ; the ONLY game of cricket that matters will be the next test match between whomever and whoever.
    This hit and giggle pyjama stuff is sheer effrontery!

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