A balanced approach to transport funding?

by frog

Graphs of the day..

This graph shows the  growth in traffic on state highways over the last 20 years as reported by the transport agency. The pink line is heavy traffic (trucks) and the blue is all traffic. As you can see it grew pretty steadily up to about 2005. It then plateaued, dropped a bit in 2008 when oil prices rose and still hasn’t returned to 2007 levels.

This graph is taken from the cabinet papers on the Auckland Spatial Plan. It shows the changes in transport funding over the last years. You can see the incredibly sharp increase in funding towards state highways since 2007-2008. This has continued under the current National government.

And finally, here’s a graph showing growth in patronage on Auckland’s public transport system since 1990 from a report to the Regional Land Transport committee.

Hat-tip to Jarbury for them all!  Now, aren’t you glad the government is taking such a balanced approach to transport funding?

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