Key keeps digging on BMW fleet purchase

by frog

Is John Key really expecting anyone to believe that his Government’s shambolic handling of the BMW fleet purchase was caused by Private Kirifi Mila’s death in Afghanistan and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s visit?

“What I can say is it wasn’t helped by the death (of Private Kirifi Mila). Also the (Australian PM Julia) Gillard visit meant that quite frankly we were focused on what we thought was pretty important and that didn’t help.

And if so, what sort of a Government is it that can’t focus on three issues at the same time?

Update: Oh dear, it just keeps on getting worse:

Email correspondence has revealed one of the Prime Minister’s key advisers was aware of the controversial BMW purchase seven months ago.

John Key has previously said he never knew about the agreement until he was informed by his limo driver a week before the revelations were made.

However, correspondence released today shows Key’s chief of staff, Wayne Eagleson, was in discussions with Ministerial Services about the BMW contract in July last year.

“My chief of staff has no recollection of that meeting and there was no follow-up… He has apologised for not drawing the matter to my attention at the time,” Key said today.

Metiria Turei is calling the “excuse” a “new low” for Mr Key.

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