For my Father

Metiria just delivered a powerful and tear jerking speech about her father and her journey into politics. Her personal story illustrates the need to build a fairer society in New Zealand for our children and grandchildren.

Here are some of the highlights

I used the training incentive allowance to help with study costs, I shared childcare with friends and family, I sometimes had to use the special needs grant to pay my power bill and buy food when things got really tough.

I got support when I needed it; my Dad did not. So I am here for my father.

The minimum wage must go up to $15 per hour as soon as possible. The minimum wage must go up to immediately help out the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

Lifting the minimum wage is good for the economy. There is an increased demand for goods and services, because people on low incomes spend most of their money.

The Green Party supports a comprehensive state house building program to increase the stock by 6000 homes in the next three years. This building program would create 28,000 jobs.

This building program would help those New Zealanders most in need and it would help our struggling construction industry. My dad would have loved a job like that, building houses for people he cared about.

We’re unique in that we still own the majority of our electricity generation assets—the big renewable projects that our grandparents built – so we have the ability to look at a progressive pricing scheme which would help our most vulnerable families stay healthy and warm.

You can read the whole speech here.

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  1. other credit where credit is due…

    goff gave an impassioned speech…

    i thought turia handled her speech well…lambasting the govt for the 25 cent raise in min-wage..)

    and anderton bordered on masterful..

    with an articulate/passioned polemic against the idea of any asset sales..

    ..he roared….

    ..and in hindsight..i cant get over the speech from key sucked so much..

    …blaming labour six times..when laying out yr vision for yr third year in power.. indicative of not having much to say…

    ..and tho’ dunne bored rigid..and hide meandered in a mash-up fashion…

    ..key was the worst by a country mile…

    ..i mean..go and read it…


  2. Indeed a great speech, particularly when compared to the drivel spouted by others.

    Jane Clifton in the Dom:

    The day’s third speaker, Green co-leader Metiria Turei, gave a moving polemic structured around the hard and poorly rewarded life of her beloved labourer father, whom she said had been badly let down by successive governments and died cruelly young.

    The sincerity and passion of this speech seemed to discomfort most Government MPs, who either started talking among themselves or heckled tastelessly.

    This led to the year’s first lecture from Speaker Lockwood Smith about the need for MPs to show courtesy to one another, and as usual had absolutely no measurable effect.

  3. An excellent speech – brings all the various threads of policy together and shows their coherence with each other in terms of environment and society.
    The Nats cannot do this as their philosophy is predicated on money being the measure of everything. They know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Even the collapse of the financial system has not been enough to show how hollow this political stance is.

    We must never compromise our integrity or our principles – they are our greatest asset, politically and in every other way.

  4. As to increasiong unfairness.

    Greens should look at the risk of people using gifts to diminish matrimonial assets before a split. This is easier with gift duty going etc.

  5. Surely you know my solution by now. We debated it interminably on the Fractional-Reserve thread.

    Yes, the government has to push Kiwibank capabilities, or nationalize a bank, so as to have the resources to become our own bankers. The treasury has to take over the issuance of money and credit, and the Fractional-Reserve scam has to end.

    That Fractional-Reserve thread (and my internal proposal to the policy group) contain the basics.

    As for the international picture. If we were to do as I propose I believe that the collapse of the house of cards that is the current international system, would happen so fast that it would not give even Goldman-Sachs enough time to dispatch the 82nd Airborne to occupy us.

  6. @bjchip 7:49 PM

    So what would be your solution BJ?

    Can it be addressed through greater regulation of the banking industry?

    Or pump capital (which the Government would have to borrow to raise) into Kiwibank to allow it to compete more effectively and address Government economic and social policy objectives?

    Or nationalise one or more of the big Aussie-owned banks to the same end? That would require even more borrowing.

    And what is the solution internationally? Because this issue is far from unique to New Zealand. The banks and finance industry generally are directly responsible for the current international economic woes. How can we best make them more democratically accountable?

  7. Most Nats don’t realize the degree to which they are owned by the banks. Their calls for a more business friendly environment can never bear fruit because the business that is first in line at the Minister’s door is always the banks. Everyone owes them money, and they control the credit lines, and so they control the government and the rest of the National party probably most of it, are simply dupes and slaves to their banking masters.

    When one sees this, a lot that does not otherwise make sense, becomes clear.


  8. Smith’s admonishing was well deserved and further highlighted the feral nature of the National Party MPs.

    Feral dogs is indeed an apt description.

    It would seem that there’s a lot on the table and fear of losing the pie for their business masters drives the Natz dogs into madness. My strategy would be to create a trap and goad the dogs into it, ravenous hounds that they are.

  9. I’m delighted to hear that the screeching Nats tried to shout down Metiria’s speech. It shows their fear at being revealed. Smith’s admonishing was well deserved and further highlighted the feral nature of the National Party MPs.
    This bodes very well for Metiria.
    Couldn’t be more proud.
    Botany, not so special but it’s a minor embarrassment.
    Guess we’ll save on expenses there.
    Why not campaign there anyway.
    The more National’s crabbed plans are revealed, the better.

  10. (apologies for double-posting..but it fits better here..)

    (i did a commentary on all the leaders speeches..

    this is how i reviewed metiria tureis’ speech…


    metiria turei (greens..) told the tale of her father ..(maori..)..who suffered under the ‘reforms’ of the 80’s..

    ..and died prematurely…

    ..she calls for minimum wage to rise to $15 per hr..

    (turei has been heckled thru her speech..and tariana turia interrupts..and calls a point of order…asking for the heckling to stop…

    ..speaker smith then lambastes national mp’s for their discourtesies..

    (ed:..and i reckon that green mp kennedy graham has one of the best death-stares going…)

    turei tells of her times..leaves school at 16..sole-mum..goes to uni..using training allowances (axed by key/bennett..)..

    ..noting that bennett used that same ladder from poverty…and then pulled that ladder away from other sole-parents…

    (ed:..thus earning the moniker ‘the aspostate’….)

    ..calls for benefit rise…

    calls for state house building program..6,000 over three years..

    ..this wd create 28,000 jobs..and wd help the ailing construction industry…

    ..lack of compassion..lack of solutions is ‘gutting’…

    attacks plan to sell power companies…

    calls for smart/green economics…

    (ed:..a powerful … possibly even defining …speech…)


  11. I enjoyed the fact that Tariana and the speaker asked the Natz to shut up because they were interrupting Metiria.

    The Green Party supports a comprehensive state house building program to increase the stock by 6000 homes in the next three years. This building program would create 28,000 jobs.

    I’ve been informed by Housing New Zealand that people do not support their taxes going to such enterprise. Let’s see if they are wrong huh!

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