For my Father

by frog

Metiria just delivered a powerful and tear jerking speech about her father and her journey into politics. Her personal story illustrates the need to build a fairer society in New Zealand for our children and grandchildren.

Here are some of the highlights

I used the training incentive allowance to help with study costs, I shared childcare with friends and family, I sometimes had to use the special needs grant to pay my power bill and buy food when things got really tough.

I got support when I needed it; my Dad did not. So I am here for my father.

The minimum wage must go up to $15 per hour as soon as possible. The minimum wage must go up to immediately help out the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

Lifting the minimum wage is good for the economy. There is an increased demand for goods and services, because people on low incomes spend most of their money.

The Green Party supports a comprehensive state house building program to increase the stock by 6000 homes in the next three years. This building program would create 28,000 jobs.

This building program would help those New Zealanders most in need and it would help our struggling construction industry. My dad would have loved a job like that, building houses for people he cared about.

We’re unique in that we still own the majority of our electricity generation assets—the big renewable projects that our grandparents built – so we have the ability to look at a progressive pricing scheme which would help our most vulnerable families stay healthy and warm.

You can read the whole speech here.

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