Catherine Delahunty

What is a real education?

by Catherine Delahunty

That’s what I’ve been asking those most affected – young people – since I started my Real Education Project after coming into Parliament.

While our kids head back to school this week and we all get bogged down debating assessment methods, I asked young people directly about their experiences and needs in the education system. Their answers are summarised in our new report, ‘What is a Real Education?’, released today.

It shows that young people are concerned about the three ‘Rs’ – but not just reading, writing and arithmetic. They want to be treated with respect, have good relationships with their teachers, and have an education that is relevant.

They are also concerned about resources. There are vast disparities in resource levels between different schools, and young people are aware of this. They want to learn in an environment that is well resourced, free, and fair.

Feel free to download the report, print it, and share it widely with your family and friends. I hope it will become a great resource for young people, parents, teachers, politicians, and officials alike.

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