It’s Green Campaign Conference weekend

by frog

Blogging might be a bit slow here this weekend, as the Green Party’s Campaign Conference is underway. This is the start of the democratic process under which aspiring and current Green MPs get to present their credentials to the Party membership.

After the Conference there will be an initial vote by STV ballot from electorate delegates to the Conference after consultation with their electorates, to provide an indicative Party List.

The indicative List will then be circulated to all Green Party members, other than those who have very recently joined, who will have the opportunity for input on the Party list ranking. The members will then vote, again through an STV ballot, to decide the final Green Party List.

Most of the conference is closed to the public, as the Green delegates and candidates need to work through issues in confidence, but this is surely the most democratic candidate selection process any Party has. We don’t autocratically bring in a David Garrett to bring us a sector vote (in Garrett’s case a very nasty bigoted one); nor do we reward Party strategists for their hard work (as National did with Steven Joyce).

On Sunday, Russel will be delivering the traditional Green “State of the Planet” speech. He will focus on the economic issues neither National or Labour have the guts to address:

The world is turning towards smart, green economics,” Dr Norman said, “and this means there’s great opportunity for New Zealand.

We know that the environment is at the heart of our economy, and that we need to sustain our natural capital.

Sunday’s speech by Russel will give an overview of how we can do that and what benefits it has for New Zealand.

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