Before the holiday season ends send a submission on the Holiday Highway

It’s almost Christmas time and I’m sure most of you are ready for a holiday.

But before you go, if you live in Auckland, Rodney, Whangarei, or anywhere else and want smart transport decisions please take a few minutes to make a submission on the New Zealand Transport Agency’s latest proposal for the Holiday Highway – that is the huge and expensive upgrade of SH1 between Puhoi and Warkworth.

This motorway is the poster-child for bad 1950s transport planning. I’ve talked a lot before about this project and its drawbacks. It makes no economic sense; will cost us $1.7 billion; has massive environmental impacts; and will lead to more low density sprawl around Auckland, greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on imported oil.

When I visited the area last Friday and really saw, at first hand, the massive scale of the earthworks that NZTA are proposing and, also, the families who will be affected, I realized how urgent it is we stop this madness.

So, if you’d like to make a submission then check out the proposed route on NZTA’s website. You can then either fill out their online form or download our submission guide, add any of your own comments, and email it to

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  1. Done!

    I drove along that stretch of road twice this holiday season, both times were pretty sane. During normal times of year I’m sure it’s totally adequate.

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