Keith Locke: Backbencher of the year

The political staff at Fairfax Media rate politicians’ performances in various categories around this time of year.  Here’s what they have to say about our own Keith Locke:

Green MP Keith Locke, who has plugged away for years on issues as diverse as human rights, spy agencies, republicanism, immigration, refugees, civil liberties and defence and would be the go- to Opposition man for the media on them all if it wasn’t for the fact he calls or emails them first. He’s the MP that has shown the most energy, and is forever challenging the Government – exactly what an Opposition backbencher should be doing. The Greens will find it hard to fill his shoes when he goes.

Yes, Keith Locke is the Fairfax Media Backbencher of the Year!

Well done, Keith.  You are a champion of honesty, justice, and human rights.  My regret is that you have always been a backbencher, and never a Minister. 

So you have always had to do the hard yards to make our various governments over the years more accountable to those they govern for; or (the way Labour and National seem to see it, from the latest Wikileaks revelations about the duplicity of both those Parties in Government) those they govern over.

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  1. Good onya Keith !
    maybe a sign that kiwis are starting to embrace the alternatives to the ‘main-stream’ political parties ? Kia-ora

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