Only one week left for submissions to Welfare Working Group

by frog

There is just one week to go to make submissions on the Government’s Welfare Working Group’s Options Paper – submissions close on Christmas Eve, unless the Welfare Working Group heed Catherine Delahunty’s call for an extension of the submission date.

It really is ridiculous that such a short time is provided for public submissions on what the Government is suggesting is going to be the biggest reform of the welfare system since the 1970s.

The Welfare Working Group proposals include some options that, if implemented, would have horrendous social outcomes; including time-limiting benefits, reducing the rate of benefits after a certain period of time, and forcing single parents with a child as young as one year of age out to work.  They also propose a few options, such as reducing the rate that benefits are reduced on account of earned income, that are worth exploring further.

To assist you with getting submissions in on time, the Green Team here at Parliament has produced a submission guide with some analysis of the proposals and suggestions for you to include in your submissions. The submission guide is available here on the Green website, or you can download a MSWord copy from here.

You can make your submission through this submission form (note and work around the heavily loaded questions); or by email to

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