Podcast: Green Spirituality, Metiria Turei

Green Party Co-leader, Metiria Turei, discusses the things that drive her to work for a more humane world in this, the third of an occasional series where I talk to Green MPs about their spirituality. The Reverend Dr Anthony Dancer, Anglican Social Justice Commissioner conducts the interview.

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  1. I don’t how we end up with an anglican minister asking the questions. He is hard to hear. Perhaps some compression of the file would help this. Is he a green party member? Spirituality is not synonymous with christianity, or even with religion. I feel it is the other non-middle-eastern-propaganda side of spirituality without the bogus history and its one eyed racist/political spin is of much more interest to Green party types.
    Metiria spoke well, although the subject still remains unexplored. Her perception of Jewish religious rituals as being an expression of historical fact is a common and dangerous delusion.
    How any modern human could seriously believe that God likes their particular genetic group more than others and would give them someone else’s land while leaving the previous owners there for target practice without even telling them is beyond me. And then there’s the question of how these European land grabbers claim to be middle eastern.
    Free Palestine.

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