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Green ravings = government policy, apparently.

by David Clendon

My second favourite comic strip is Matthew Hooton’s weekly contribution to the National Business Review. The NBR is a useful read – its political perspective and analysis is generally different from mine, and they break some interesting stories.

In the latest (December 3rd) issue, Mr Hooton reveals that, “…everyone from Mr [Trevor] Mallard to Mr [David] Cunliffe to Mr [Bill] English agrees SOEs need to become more dynamic… [so] surely it’s time to abandon the current practice of having SOE ownership policy determined solely by the demented ravings of the Greens?”

Who knew we had such power over the government’s policy? I wonder what we should start raving about next (in a suitably demented manner) to determine what John Key et al put into their policy platform? The opportunities are limitless!

(just in case you’re wondering, my favourite comic strip is Dilbert)

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