Green ravings = government policy, apparently.

My second favourite comic strip is Matthew Hooton’s weekly contribution to the National Business Review. The NBR is a useful read – its political perspective and analysis is generally different from mine, and they break some interesting stories.

In the latest (December 3rd) issue, Mr Hooton reveals that, “…everyone from Mr [Trevor] Mallard to Mr [David] Cunliffe to Mr [Bill] English agrees SOEs need to become more dynamic… [so] surely it’s time to abandon the current practice of having SOE ownership policy determined solely by the demented ravings of the Greens?”

Who knew we had such power over the government’s policy? I wonder what we should start raving about next (in a suitably demented manner) to determine what John Key et al put into their policy platform? The opportunities are limitless!

(just in case you’re wondering, my favourite comic strip is Dilbert)

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  1. click on the back page in b.j.’s link…to check out the reviews for his other comic-opus..

    ‘a people’s history of the united states’…

    ..also a must-read…


  2. local library… really really good thing about the supercity…

    …is that all the super-citizens of the supercity.. have access to all the libraries in the region…

    ..(the libraries up here have been de-te

    …i think we lend our super-books to the provinces/provincials…

    ..kinda like a third world aid program…eh…?


  3. step one of the david-clendon-comic-appreciation/education-plan..

    one excellent ‘comic strip’ i just finished was one ‘the boy’ turned me on to…’s a graphic non-fiction comic-book…by howard zinn…

    …called ‘a people’s history of american empire’….

    ..and it is one of the most efficient political-primers i have ever seen…

    ..a ‘must-read’ for pretty much everyone..really…

    ..not just david…

    ..(especially for any rightwingers/american-apologists you may know…eh..?)

    ..excited by that…you could move onto ‘palestine’ by joe sacco…

    ..and of course..a foundation stone of any comic-education..

    …and one that demonstrates the power of the medium in a way not many do..

    …is ‘maus’…by spellman…

    (for lesson two…we will veer over to the funny side of the street..



  4. Fingers crossed, that this is one term govt. else the axe may well fall.. all SOEs could become FCOEs (fat cat owed enterprises ?)
    It seems that if govts totally ignored the greens, words like: climate change, sustainability & environmental impact would be just that ‘WORDS’.. Kia-ora

  5. if any greens think they could go into government with national…

    ..and then just wash their hands of the ensuing pogrom against beneficiaries…

    …could i have some of what they’re smoking…?


  6. Valis

    I am observing that personally I had a way of expressing my opinion this time, but do not recall being asked last time. There has always been a problem for the Greens who cannot get to the meetings.

    Gareth just posted on our internal site about this. Especially appropriate with the new child.

    However, I only am sure that I do not recall, which is not the same to never having been asked.


  7. (This time around the party membership is being consulted at least somewhat)

    bj, last election was a big decision point with Labour likely to go out and consultation with the membership was if anything greater than this time.

  8. No Phil, I didn’t say that.

    My vote within the Greens was that we express a preference for Labour going in, but no absolutes (This time around the party membership is being consulted at least somewhat ).

    As for what conditions National would have to accept to get us to do a deal… lets just say that they would stick in their throats sideways. As much as their policies are diametrically opposed to our own, the conditions for us to join them would have to be such as to cause their their own membership to bolt the party.

    All things are possible. Some things are more likely than others. My approach is not to say “no” without listening to what is on offer, but I would expect to eventually reject that offer with reason, and in so doing, make public the reasoning. Media exposure we denied ourselves last time.

    Labour would be a different case, but might ALSO see some members bolting. I have no notion of their internal fault-lines.


  9. “..However much influence we have over this government, if we make our policies clear and clean we stand a good chance of being in the next one, and having vastly more influence…..”’d be happy with the greens doing a clegg..

    ..and going into power with the tories..?

    ..and then embarking on a similar raft of ‘reforms’..?

    ..(‘uniforms’…!..tories love uniforms…! reminds them of their sweaty/tumescent teenage years…)

    ..if would be signing the death warrant for the party.. do realise


  10. “..(just in case you’re wondering, my favourite comic strip is Dilbert)..”

    oh dear…!…stapler-jokes…!

    second favourite…?…’cathy’…?


  11. It looks as though some of our concerns about the TPP are taking root as well…

    …time to have a go at the the definitions of money (which would make the TPP a moot point if it were given the importance it deserves).

    However much influence we have over this government, if we make our policies clear and clean we stand a good chance of being in the next one, and having vastly more influence…

    The question arises of course, how do we handle the Prime-Ministerial role through our co-leaders 🙂

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