Support for CBD Rail link strong and growing

by frog

There’s a poll on the Herald site asking if you think the Government should contribute to the CBD Rail tunnel. At nearly 15,000 votes, the vast majority (77%) say yes. Given that the Herald readership and online poll results tend towards conservative and business-oriented, there’s no reason to think that the popular support for this project is the result of some fiscally irresponsible rail-enthusiast pipe dream.

Rudman had an excellent column yesterday on Minister of Transport Joyce’s ideological attitude to planning and rail — of course what Joyce and many others don’t realise is that sprawl and car dependence is the result of town planning rules, facilitated by motorway building. It’s not a free market, and it’s definitely not economically efficient. We can choose to do things differently by changing our planning rules, and it will result in more and better choices for people. But we also need to change our transport funding so that we can accommodate the growing demand for walking, cycling, and public transport.

One thing the last 2 years has shown is that this Government will make u-turns if the public is loud enough. We need to demand this rail project take precedence over the Puhoi to Wellsford and Waikato Expressway now. It’s not too late. Make you voice heard, sign and share our petition to fast track the CBD Rail loop, and watch this space for upcoming events related to this campaign.

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