August 13 2011: Nice day for a ***** *******

by frog

August 13 is apparently the only day Her Britannic Majesty has free next year. So I suppose that is the date.

It’s a pity this will be such a distraction from the real issues half a world away here in Aotearoa / New Zealand, where we desperately need to address climate change, peak oil, social inequality, environmental pollution, and the inter-relationship between those issues

But, in the context of the ***** *******, I guess none of that is important, other than for the distraction it will inevitably provide.

I’m tempted to turn comments off on this thread. Unfortunately, they will inevitably continue for the next however many months elsewhere, so no point I guess. So try to get it over and done with here.

Update: Given the debate on the comments thread over the original White Wedding video or the piss-take, you now have both. Satisfied?

frog says