Ghost of Melissa Lee haunts Mana by-election

Public meetings on the Kapiti expressway have been postponed until after the Mana by-election, but Stephen Joyce had nothing to do with it…honest.

It is apparently pure coincidence that the NZTA announced the postponement of the public consultation process on 2nd November, the same day that Kapiti residents protested against the expressway outside the campaign launch of National Party Mana candidate Hekia Parata.

The change of date protects Parata from Melissa Lee-like gaffes and the frustration of locals who don’t want a motorway that has more costs than benefits and that cuts through a community.   

(Lee, to jog your memory, was the National candidate in last year’s Mt Albert by-election who imploded at a public meeting on the controversial Waterview motorway extension.)

The Greens Mana candidate Jan Logie points out that residents should be able to vote in the by-election with full information about the government’s plans for their community.

She also notes that the Greens alternative is to build the two-lane local Western Link Road, improve State Highway One, and transform the rail network into a fast, modern, reliable mass transit system.

The Transport Minister Stephen Joyce told Parliament today – with a straight face – that the Transport Authority reached the decision to delay independently.

Does anyone know how to contact the Tui billboard writers?

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  1. If you are implying the NZTA Board acted on a project under Ministerial direction you’re implying it broke the law.

    Of course most of the Kapiti expressway isn’t in this electorate anyway, only about a quarter of it at the southern end. Funny how you are agitating far more on this project, which is actually an argument about WHAT road to build, rather than Transmission Gully which will dramatically increase the attractiveness of Kapiti for car commuters (but is remarkably popular in Mana electorate because of the NIMBYs in Mana, Plimmerton and Pukerua Bay).

    Why is that? You should be campaigning against Transmission Gully given it has a longer lead time, and construction contracts wont be let until after the general election.

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