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Rafting the majestic Mokihinui

by Russel Norman

Over 100 of us rafted and kayaked down the Mokihinui River on Sunday. The Mok is a fantastic wild West Coast river, a river full of life which makes its way through some of the last of our great lowland forest.

Meridian Energy wants to dam and destroy the Mokihinui and drown the surrounding forest, even though three other consented hydro projects will make the West Coast self-sufficient in power.

This is the site of the proposed dam. I find it hard to believe that anyone thinks it acceptable to put a dam 20 storeys high across this majestic river.

Don’t let them do it: get involved in the campaign, send an e-card, download our petition and tell your friends –

Thanks to Ian Trafford for the incredible photos, to Hugh Canard for your champion effort organising and to everyone else who made this such an awesome trip.

This is what we’re fighting for.

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