Latest podcast – this time with transcript

Here’s our latest podcast from Parliament, this time about the cross-party friendships Green MPs have struck up across the chamber.

Parliament is a strange place, and often the only images we get are of MPs shouting at each other across the chamber during Question Time. But when the gloves are off, how do MPs from different parties get on? In this podcast three Green MPs – Catherine Delahunty, Kevin Hague, and Gareth Hughes – talk about their cross-party relationships.

Can friendship flourish across the political battlefield? In an adversarial Parliament, is there room to find common ground?

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For the first time, we’re delighted to be able to provide a transcript of this podcast – kindly transcribed for us by an award-winning New Zealand novelist, woohoo! Go here and download the transcript file. This is something we hope to provide more in future.

If you’re having problems with our Flash player, or to download the file and a transcript, go here. This podcast series is now available on iTunes.

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  1. Thank you for the transcript, please keep it up. Our deaf members and visitors will also appreciate having transcripts.

  2. Thank you for the transcript – it meant I actually read the content rather than ignoring the podcast. I’m not into low-content streams like audio and video unless the content requires it, and it’s rare to the point of near nonexistance that people talking justify the time spent listening.

    Also, would an open format for the transcript be possible? For what was in that file HTML would have probably worked better, and it was so small that you could have put it on the page with the podcast rather than making us download the file and open it in an external program.

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