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Ugly, inaccurate and incomprehensible

by Metiria Turei

This unidentified billboard has appeared in Cable Street: ugly, inaccurate and incomprehensible.  Perhaps that’s why no one was prepared to put their name to it. 

I can only guess that it is has been paid for by the First-Past-the-Post lobby that is pushing to get rid of proportional electoral systems.

It seems to lament the fact that a fair electoral system delivered a candidate with genuine majority support.  Or is it just using Kerry’s name as an oblique attack on MMP.

Its very hard to tell.  “Vote losers: get two votes’, “vote for a winner: get 1” makes no sense at all. 

It appears that some FPP supporter out there has more money than sense. You would think that if you are going to spend that kind of money on a billboard you would at least make it intelligible.

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Published in Justice & Democracy by Metiria Turei on Tue, October 19th, 2010   

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