Factory farming in the Mackenzie Basin – again

NZ Herald reports:

Three companies are trying again to secure land use rights for large-scale dairy farming in the Omarama and Ohau regions of the South Island.

They want to develop 16 dairy farms with up to 17,850 cows housed in cubicles.

Looks like it’s the same people with the same sort of plans as last time. One thing that is different now is that there’s no pesky Environment Canterbury acting as gate-keepers, just Nationals hand-picked team of dictators.

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  1. If National had done something other than disembowel the Emissions Trading Scheme and screw the people of Canterbury even before they had the Earthquake I’d be more inclined to give them the benefit of doubt. They have however, shown that they are interested in digging up our parks, burning our children’s future and achieving absolute power. Don’t fret, we aren’t “playing the man”, we’re judging them on what they actually do… and keeping track better than they’d like us to.

    This has very little to do with “Conservatism” which when practiced as a proper philosophy involves a lot less kowtowing to wealth and a lot more consideration of sustainable practices than we see from National.

    National gets exactly what it deserves from us. Whinging about our attitude towards people who are demonstrably not at ALL interested in a sustainable future, or truly conservative, is futile. We know what National is… and we don’t like it. We’re happy to work with them if they ever once do something that looks sustainable, but on current form I’ll need reincarnation (probably several times) if I expect to be alive to see that coming from them.

    Unfortunately, I am an Atheist 🙂


  2. Brent – unfortunately for many here abusing people who disagree with them takes priority over issues.

    Hence we have a “hand-picked team of dictators” but no mention that the poeple they replaced were handing out water rights for farm irrigation to such an extent that regular people lost all their water.

    People faced the decision of walking away from their homes, paying a fortune for large storage tanks and purchasing water by the truckload, or spending $30,000 on a deeper bore, with a chance – just a chance – that it might not be drained dry.

    What did ecan do when they complained about their desperate situation – nothing.

  3. Frog, I’ve been actively against the MacKenzie Basin cubicle farms and, like you, was wondering about the timing. However what’s up with “National’s hand-picked team of dictators”? I understand the sentiment and agree to some extent with your point but what is up with the vehement anti-National vibe? I’ve been to a number of Green events recently and am sick and tired of the Nat-bashing that goes on. I understand that a large proportion of the Green voter base IS anti-Tory. However I am keen to see the Greens working with the democratically-elected Government of the day to represent Green issues as forcefully and effectively as possible. In my opinion, this ‘anti-National’ stuff is ill considered. It is completely fine to attack the Government but play the ball not the man. Just because you are ideologically opposed to Conservativism is no excuse to expect the rest of us to walk round holding our noses every time we get a National-led Government. Frankly I’m keen to work with whoever is in power to effect whatever change I can so I am not going to go around being ‘anti-Nat’. What a waste of time.

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