Podcast: Bird of the Year

Forest and Bird are launching their Bird of the Year competition this week and Green Co-leader, Russel Norman, is officially championing the kokako.

I talked to Russel about his choice of native bird and his great dream of a Giant Totara National Park that inspired it…along with a gaggle of other Green MPs on their own very special bird connections.

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  1. Am I pleased at the kokako getting a nod.. such a colorful blue/black with dove gray in the most part.. I can’t bring its sound to mind right now… but it could only be different to the parallel brought this very morning by RNZ.. when contender Banks had gotten decidedly shrill to match the terminal takahe birdcall.

    sorry John, no offense, but really.. must do better.. to have any kind of real chance for supporters.. heh

    sorry russel, didn’t mena spin this thread out someplace else.. like I say the parallel was compelling..

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