Russel Norman on Back Benches (ETS special)

by frog

The pub was packed last Wednesday evening, with a solid Green contingent supporting Russel! You briefly can see our table at the end of Chapter 2 when Wilber won a book about something or other.

You can watch the show at

I think Russel did really well – as usual there was a lot of overlapping points being said at the same time but IMO he came through clearly and robustly. I liked his closing statement 3/4 of the way through Chapter 4 about how we can choose to embrace the green economic revolution and be prosperous in the process.

He also said words to the effect of: The ETS is about deciding whether the taxpayer picks up the tab or the polluter. National want the taxpayer to pay the vast majority with the polluter paying a tiny bit, Labour pretty much the same but slightly more on the polluter, and the Greens would prefer the polluter pays more of it. (1/3 of the way through Chapter 3)

There was a really interesting selection of people who were interviewed, including Gareth Morgan. It was great to hear about the success of the Sustainability Trust‘s insulation scheme involving 1,200 homes.

Watching it on TV is quite different to being amongst the crowd – the cheers and jeers are hardly noticeable on the recording. Next time there’s an interesting Back Benches on, come and be there with us it’s great fun!

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