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Last chance to get Dominion Road bus/cycle way

by David Clendon

Just a reminder that the last day for submissions on the redesign of Dominion Road is this Sunday, 29th of August.

I’ve commented on this issue before so will be brief.  Auckland City Council is planning to redesign Dominion Road, one of the busier roads in central Auckland.

Their plans for redesign currently involve letting vehicles with 2 or more passengers use the bus lane. This is a bad idea as Dominion Road is one of the busiest buslanes in Auckland – letting cars into the lane will slow the buses down greatly. Also, if we make the buses a less attractive proposition fewer people will use them – thus leading to more cars on the road which will slow everybody down!

Right now the buslane does a great job in reducing congestion – carrying 50%+ of passengers on the road during peak hour. So please submit against this part of the proposal and ask the council to keep the bus lane just for buses.

The second part of their plan is to introduce an on-road cycle way that would separate cyclists from traffic using a little raised buffer (like a kerb). This is an awesome idea and such on-road cycle lanes have proved to be extremely successful in Copenhagen. Please submit in favour of this part of the council’s plan.

Once they have carried out this redesign the council probably won’t invest in another one for at least 20 years. So, if you live in Auckland then please, submit now! This could be a once in a lifetime chance for really decent bus/cycle facilities on a major road.

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