Podcast: Standing for something

Local government is democracy working at the grass roots. The stuff that goes on around the council table can have a massive impact on the quality of our lives. I talked to Green MP, Sue Kedgley, one of the first Greens to win office to a city council.

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  1. @robertguyton 5:26 PM

    Midnight on the river, by the light of the flames; I’m staring at the water and I’m trying to fit a number to her name.

  2. Thank you Phil – you’re a true gentleman.
    I’m more than willing to have you forge some words and sounds for the campaign – just let me know what you need from me. I’m at the front edge of a ‘freedom of expression/commonsense .v. stickling for the rules ‘stoush’ here in my town right now, in fact it’s being televised at 5:30 p.m. on CueTv. It’s beams out on Sky, I believe. All about a moose.
    I have your (very stylish) ‘Whoar!’ card, so will email soon. In the meantime, my campaign is rocking along very well. I have sons with great skills and a surprisingly active team spread across the district.

  3. you go robert..!

    do you want me to bang out some radio-ad scripts for ya to play with/use/discard..?

    email me if you want the options off the public/frog-record…

    knowing a little of yr back story….

    ..an ad-bang on you will be like falling off a log…

    of course…a specific website…

    ..and serious (cheap!/free!) campaigning there..

    would be a given/obvious start..eh..?

    ..give the local media as much material/angles as possible…

    ..make their job easy for them..

    (vid-walks thru yr orchard is an obvious..eh..?)

    ..all that you need to sell you…

    ..is your record…but more specifically…your life..


    i hope you kick arse…



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