National’s Plan B: Strip-mine the poor

by frog

A printed copy of this email turned up at my lilypad very early this morning.  Or was it just a nightmare?


—– Original Message —–

From: Paula Bennett

To: Paula Rebstock

Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2010 3:17 PM

Subject: Welfare Workign Group Terms of Refrence

Hi Paula
Thanks for agreeing to chair the Welfare Workign Group.  A breif has been signed of today.  I will go to cabinet mon next and John has said itll be aproved.

Dont wurry about wot is in the breif – all I wont you to do is come up with some copyand paste shit from the Business Rowndtable and maybe Nationals and Acts manifestos, use the tame right wing academics Ive put on on hte group to make it look good with sum stuff from the OECD and selected overseas welfare stuff from people on our side and all will be good.

BTW, dont wurry about where the jobs come fromn.  Wot we wont to do is get wages down to help the peeple who fund us so making benefitiaries compete for jobs that arent there isnt a problem.

Sorry I coudnt pay you more for doing this.  Id like to have dun but The oPPOSITION pARTIES are alreadty looking at stuff like that.

Paula (the big Cuddly Cat)
Minsiter of Social Development and Employment


Seriously though, where do the jobs come from if John Key, Paula Bennett, Paula Rebstock, and their Welfare Working Group are determined to shunt lots more beneficiaries into low-paid employment?

In the absence of any credible Government plan for creating employment and better wages and employment conditions – the tax cuts have now been offset by GST and ACC levy increases, and Gerry Brownlee’s proposal to strip mine the land has now (thankfully) gone down the gurgler – National must be desperate.  They are devoid of any ideas to stimulate the economy.

So I guess if you can’t strip-mine the land, National’s Plan B must be to strip-mine the poor.

More low-income people moving more frequently between low-paid work and even lower paid benefit isn’t going to solve any macro-economic issue.  Instead, it will further enrich the already rich, and further demonise and consign to poverty those who are already struggling to pay their rent every week. Mind you, with enough spin, it could still win National the next election and enable them to unleash the privatisation agenda to further aggrandise their wealthy supporters.

And the extension of the Fire at Will legislation to all employees in their first 90 days of work will hasten the labour market churn in and out of employment among people with low income earning potential.  That’s bad for productivity, bad for forcing down wage rates, and ultimately bad for business. 

Let us hope that good employers, and everyone else, recognise this and submit accordingly to the Welfare Working Group.

There is already some good analysis out there from Gordon Campbell and Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn to help with submissions.

frog says

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