John Delaney: Wiring an interactive ocean

I love the TED talks. Inevitably they inspire and motivate me, leaving me wishing I had chosen some other career! In this talk, oceanographer John Delaney talks about how we are already beginning to wire up the ocean and how important this is for the survival of our species. Have a look and get inspired. I wish Wayne Mapp had half this much innovation in mind when he reorganised our scientific and research organisations.

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  1. Chris Auchinvole told a Wellington audience recently that he has read Bill Bryson’s Short History of Nearly Everything twice, and that a variety of GNS scientists approve. Wrt McTap’s comments, I suspect that that puts him in the better half.

  2. A while ago I read the papers on the Nepture power infrastructure that enables this vision to be achieved; recommend to anyone interested in power engineering, just google for neptune power.

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