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Banks’ bus-lane plan utter madness

by David Clendon

If you’ve been reading the Herald lately you might feel that anything anybody could ever want to say about bus-lanes has been said already.

To summarise, right now a lot of people in Auckland are being ticketed for moving into a bus-lane more than 50 meters (the legally allowed maximum) before they need to turn left.

Personally, I think the solution is simple – the council should just put a marker at the 50 metre point on  roads where people are getting lots of tickets. The claim that there are already too many signs is not very compelling given that managing signage is often within the Council’s control. What do you think?

Save Dominion Road’s Bus-Lane

As far as I’m concerned (although I do have a vested interest since, for me, it’s close to home), a much more important issue is that right now John Banks’ Auckland City Council is consulting on a plan to turn the bus-lanes on Dominion Road into a T2 lane. That would mean that all cars carrying 2 or more passengers could use the bus-lane as well as buses.

This is clearly a crazy plan since right now the bus-lane works magnificently to relieve congestion and improve mobility. As the council themselves admit it carries more than 50% of the total passengers on the road during peak times.

Also, as Rudman reports, trials of turning a bus-lane into a T2 lane on Tamaki Drive have shown that doing so actually made travel times slower (on average) for all road users – including motorists!

So, if you live in Auckland I encourage you to make a submission on this plan, asking Auckland City Council to keep the bus-lane on Dominion Road for buses only.

And while you’re at it please encourage the good part of the Council’s plan – which is to redesign Dominion Road to include a separate cycle lane.

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