I can’t write satire, but Secret Agent ‘Lhaws’ can

I’m a rather boring political blogger. I like to look at the evidence, see if it supports the political spin, and comment accordingly. 

I’ll never be able to write satire like Danyl and Scott. But someone in the Green Party has enormous talent and can write satire.  Whoever it was who submitted this satirical piece to the Sunday Star-Times, and convinced the editorial staff that it was actually written by the Mayor of Whanganui – well done!

Dear Lord, has New Zealand got rocks in its collective head? This can be the only sane conclusion after the government’s gratuitous backdown last week on granting prospecting licences on what is known as “Schedule 4” land.

Apparently Schedule 4 land is really pretty. Mostly inaccessible, but really pretty. Lots of ferns and fantails and stuff. Even snails. But it’s more than pretty, it’s magic.

It must be, for it has the unique ability to turn normally rational commentators and politicians into gibbering fools. So much so that, last week, one increasingly tabloid paper stamped the words “Saved!” across photos of the various sites.

Whoever you are, Micael, you are the ultimate satirist – taking the piss out of your alter ego, and putting the final nail in the coffin of those who want to destroy our natural heritage forever for 30 pieces of silver.

Go Micael Lhaws – the Green Party’s very own Secret Agent Man:

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  1. “It has the ability to tap into such significant financial wealth that it could sustain the welfare state for another generation and actually provide first-world health services. ”
    How do the greens plan to fund welfare and build more state houses Frog?
    And what about any rare earth minerals for (eg) turbine blades?
    Remember to your support for Iwi royalties for oil, gas and minerals. Cledden et al.

  2. It was a very good piece from our “plant”!
    However the Labour party plant who writes a satirical blog under the pseudonym Kiwiblog has done equally well for years.

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