Google Earth – climate change edition!

The UK government has made a simple Google Earth overlay which shows the effects of a 4 degrees rise in temperature – the amount most climate models show that the temperature is expected to rise by the end of the century in a ‘business as usual’ scenario. It shows which areas will increase in temperature the most, and highlights areas where particular issues will be most prevalent.

Clicking on any of the icons pops up a couple of paragraphs of text with links to videos of climate scientists talking about the scientific background of that issue.

Looks like a great teaching aid! To use it, install Google Earth and then click on this link.

Hat tip: Telegraph

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  1. Its ok i live in the UK, half of it will be underwater with the rest so over crowded we’ll all die! lol hope they sort it out :-S

  2. Since I’m planing on buying a few acres of land in upstate NY I’m going to be fine. I can’t wait for the warmer winters :). Of course if you live near the equator your screwed.

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