National reveals its anti-worker colours

by frog

John Key’s Government has won a lot of plaudits for being “Labour-lite”, and that has probably helped sustain its consistently high opinion poll ratings. 

But today the Government revealed its true colours:

Prime Minister John Key today announced the National government is looking to extend the 90 Day Trial Period scheme, put in effect last year.

The government intends to broaden the use of the scheme, which allows a new worker to be fired within the first three months of employment without the right to take a personal grievance.

Currently the scheme is only available to businesses with fewer than 20 staff.

The government considered extending that to businesses with up to 50 staff, but soon all companies will be able to use the scheme regardless of their size.

Yep, no right to challenge a dismissal – however unfairly or oppressively an employer has behaved!  Even an employee who has refused an employer’s unwanted sexual advances could be dismissed under this law, and will have no comeback in law, because the employer is not required to provide reasons for the dismissal.

But it gets worse:

The government also wants to change employment laws so bosses can refuse unions access to the workplace.

“The employer should be in charge of his workplace, but we still want good faith to remain and we still want the employer to have reasonable grounds to withhold consent – we doubt that will happen very often,” says Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson.

So, not only are workers in their first 90 days of employment denied the opportunity to challenge a dismissal, but unions whose responsibility is to represent workers are denied the ability to go into the workplace to meet with their members to discuss their industrial relations issues.

No more “Labour-lite” – this National-led government has now revealed itself as hard right wing and anti-worker.  I wonder how long it will be before the privatisation plans emerge. 

Oops, Roger and Richard didn’t talk about that at all, did they?  At least until it was too late for anyone to mount effective opposition!

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