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  1. Has the Job db; doubt very much if he ‘owns’ it.
    there was a point when I was a senior civil servant in Oz – when the great white fathers told Parliament;
    ‘get stuffed – we ain’t gonna do it!’
    No struggle – the Public Service accepted immediate surrender from the Govt.

    Sam I missed it – unhappily – ingeni imgeer, …cunning those Kiwi’s hey?
    Even if they fix this abomination (wonder how it looks from Space?) – Coastal Louisiana will still sink at the rate of one kilometer per day – once the binding agents are gone, land tends to sink…such beautifull land too!

  2. Did you see the TV article in the ‘Kiwi fix’ for the oil leak?
    Involves a ‘slinky’ (like the kids toy) inserted into the pipe which, once the pressure comes on, jams solid inside the pipe. The higher the pressure, the harder it will lock.
    Looks elegantly simple and highly likely to work to me. It’s the only solution I’ve seen that ignores the damaged end of the pipe and makes use of the undamaged pipe further down the hole.

  3. Perhaps Obama understands (a) he’s powerless to do anything[1], and (b) that wrecking the GoM is just the price of doing business, a spill of this magnitude had to happen sooner or later, and he’s unlucky that it happened on his watch, and to a lessor extent, in his back yard.

    As to BP getting it over the contractors; thats a media call. They’ve gone for the biggest target.

    [1] Obama is just a politician. If the ranked masses of pretty much every significant person in the oil industry with almost unlimited resources can’t stop this mess after however many days its been, what chance does a President with his oil-inexperienced resources have…

    Edited to add – Now if you wanted an invasion, or possibly to bomb the thing out of existance, then Obama is definitely the man with the tools for the job…

  4. rofl.

    But it’s also a sad comment on how spin is more important to American politics than actual results. And you have to wonder where they’d be now if Carter’s ideas had been followed through.

    There really isn’t sufficient buy-in from the mass American public yet to consume less petroleum product, either.

    Deborah Hill-Cone makes some interesting comments about how the US journo’s see the whole issue in this week’s Listener, in her Internaut column. Won’t be on the net for a fortnight, so flick through it at your newsagents… 😉

  5. Dunno db (great post); this whole ‘Oil Spill’ thing has been curious for me – I wonder if the Prez is even allowed to touch the Oil Industry.
    Massive and as yet undetermined (quantity) Leak inflicting Hell on an US prime coastal region, and Obama folds his arms and says
    “Gee BP better fix this”
    Rather odd attitude no?

  6. Thats just brilliant. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy Jon Stewart.

    The one ex-president that took a shot at making it happen was Jimmy Carter. But, he fell foul of the big problem, leading (for this and other reasons) to his electroral defeat, and based on this example, all subsequent Presidents have thus chosen to do, well, nothing.

    The Big Problem is the American consumer.

    Jimmy Carter promised better pullovers (and lots of other stuff), but when the people had the choice between Carter and pullovers, and Reagan and an alternative scenario of “Lets burn that gas”, history records that The American people chose to tick the “Let em burn” option. The solar panels Jimmy installed on the Whitehouse were, to use a Kiwi-ism, “gone by lunchtime”.

    I dont expect Americans to do anything until they absolutely have to.

    Theres a window of opportunity here for any nation that wants to to be the leader in energy conservation technology, and any nation that chooses that path can write themselves a long term future by starting, well, today.

    The only question is which nation will it be?

    (It’ll probably be America, when they eventually get their finger out, as they’ll make it a ten year mission and open ended resource fund the problem. Every nation (including America) is too hidebound by short term goals to see the big future)

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