Visualising the BP oil disaster

by frog

Use this handy tool to compare the size of the BP oil spill by placing an overlay on top of where you live:

Needless to say, if a spill that spanned from the East Cape to Taranaki happened here, we would not cope well.

Maritime New Zealand has just $12 million worth of oil spill recovery equipment and dispersing chemicals scattered in 20 locations around the country, and three 8.2 metre transportable oil recovery vessels

It is reckless to start a deep water oil drilling program in New Zealand’s southern ocean, one of the most important ecological regions on the planet, when the oil companies don’t know how to plug deep water oil wells if anything goes wrong.

We should stop the proposed deep water oil drilling program in the Great South Basin until the oil industry identifies the exact cause of BP’s oil catastrophe, explains how it can be prevented from happening again, and demonstrates that it can plug oil wells in deep water.

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