Miss Universe contestants at Parliament

I missed Question Time yesterday as I had an important event to attend and it looks like I missed the highlight of the year: the crucial visit to Parliament by 13 Miss New Universe contestants.

What a shame I wasn’t there to experience that particular embarrassment and humiliation.

Apparently the presence of the contestants got some male MPs excited. Trevor Mallard requested that the visitors be introduced to the House, and they were applauded.

It must have been a bit like time travelling to see them all emanating “I am not just a sex object” for the benefit of the Parliamentarians.

I am not sure we need any more retro trivia distracting us from the actual job around here. Imagine what aliens would think if they landed in the public gallery during Question Time: the shouting would seem odd, the personal attacks would cause anxiety and then the beauty queens smiling those frightening smiles…

Well, aliens have landed people and they’re planning mining, oil drilling and privitisation of our public assets. It’s not beautiful and those young women need to get their sashes off and start banging on the door or standing for public office.

(The pay is not as good as winning Miss Universe but at least you can get older and still have a job).

The really painful story is the thought of the male MPs who applauded the beauty contestants as if they were high ranking visiting public office holders. Apparently it is still the 1970s for some people and girls are still dolls.

If anyone deserved applause in the House yesterday it was the members of the Burmese community who were in the gallery for the Notice of Motion in support of the freedom of their country.

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  1. the carter and groser ones are the ones that grind my gears the most..

    groser with his going ballistic with the card on his first day in office..

    (and is his life one long bender…?)

    ..but that five grand plus on limos for carter….

    ..really sums up that ethos of troughing-corruption…

    ..carter should just piss-off…

    ..and any chance/dreams ‘tug’ had of being leader of labour….

    ..have all ended up in a crumpled tissue…



  2. ‘tug’ jones…?..

    (whaleoil suggested ‘tugger’…

    i wd submit that nuance/subtlety are not his strong points…)

    and ‘hic’ groser…”

    and ‘cutlery’ (or) ‘limo’ carter..?

    and ‘wheels’ that-guy-who-brought-the-bike …?

    ..and ‘fore!’ that-guy-who-brought-the-golf-clubs..?

    ..and ‘chop-suey’ horomia…?


  3. Beauty contests will only really become fashionable again, when the contestants are proud to be called feminists, (albeit) lipstick feminists.

    Some things (posts) should be seen and heard and not hidden or suppressed, just like a lipstick feminist.

    It’s interesting that none of the contestants would call themselves feminists. This arises for a number of reasons – but in brief they are wrong.

    The idea that once women have equal participants in society they are post-feminist, or no longer part of the feminist activism for rights because they now simply enjoy having them, is wrong.

    The meaning of the term feminist is a changing one, that is one that is constantly being re-defined. It’s unfortunate, that the challenge to the idea of women simply being decorative, fertile and nurturing, is associated by some as somehow being overly assertive and unladylike (somehow not beautiful).

    The contestants are so wrong.

    Yet they somehow go on about their committment to good causes – without respecting the fact that the idea that women have such a public role is the result of feminism and is in fact feminist.

    “Lipstick feminist/contestnats” be proud of your inheritance and stop slighting those who delivered it to you.

  4. Beauty contests will only really become fashionable again, when the contestants are proud to be called feminists, lipstick feminists.

  5. @Drakula- i think it’s against parliamentary protocol for anyone other than the speaker to specifically address the members of the public gallery while the house is in session…whether Mr Gilmore’s brilliant action counts as a breach I wouldn’t know 😉


    As it was question time; did it occur to any of the politicians to ask the contestants a few friendly questions and did the contestants get the chance to ask their own questions to the politicians?

    If not, then I am afraid that a valuable opportunity has been lost!

  7. That members rose in response to women in the House is no surprise…

    That must be on the shortlist for the frogblog “comment of the year” award, ‘fly!

  8. Have you seen the off-world contestants samiam?
    At least our earth girls have their chests on their .. chests.

  9. Reminds me of the time when I was alone in my shop, I’d sent the other staff off skiing, and the world champion kick-boxer came in. (you might know who I mean) Anyway he proceeded to strip down to his undies to get changed. Well I’m not the least bit gay, but….wow…what a body!!! All a bit wasted on me really and all the girls were away! They were suitably gutted when I told them.

  10. it’s good to look at it this way – invite the Men’s Olympic Wrestling team to tour parliament or something as a means of reciprocation 😀 ….

  11. Today wasn’t much better, the Paul Quinn speech supposedly on the Budget was about male MP weight loss competitions. Rodney Hyde then extolled the virtues of AK Super city. It was very dreary. And why do some of those men have to shout so loudly?

  12. Sounds like you have the hump Ms Delahumty…wassamadda? Feeling intimidated because these girls are better looking than you? Sounds pretty much like it! Incase you didn’t realise it, Ms Universe contestants vote as well. But probably not for you I’m picking.

  13. Men aren’t supposed to find beauty beautiful..they just do.
    I enjoy the company of women who are not brainy nor beautiful at least as much as I do those who are. That members rose in response to women in the House is no surprise, though I am surprised no one said it before now!

  14. Rubbish. Beauty deserves to be praised and admired. These young women are both beautiful and intelligent. Do you get that?

  15. well said Mark ( in reply to Samian’s coment) this is Parliament after all not a cat walk ????
    Shame they dont ( the politicians) get on with the real work …:-)

  16. But the women want to see you there….suffering inya jocks sam
    I don’t mind doing friends a favour – but Parliament?

    Nice to see the Prisons Minister Overjoyed about opening some more Jail Cells (shipping containers) – now are our goals seriously deficient – or just plain malignant?

    Ah feels like a C&W song – get me the bullwhip Cletus – yeehah!

  17. So are you saying that men aren’t supposed to find beauty beautiful? Or women for that matter? I enjoy women for their brains and their looks, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

  18. it’d be quite interesting whether the He-man style contests would get the same reaction… 😛

    It is a bit amusing but all in good fun

  19. Im cringing …and these people are paid salaries by moi???
    Thankyou for bringing this to our attention ..

  20. I did a double take when I saw that NZGreens had posted something about Miss Universe on my twitter feed! Great post though! Thank you!

  21. 1963 Cath.

    Look on the bright side – they’ve been dragged kicking and squealing into the 17th century!

  22. Peter Dunne has always vaselined his teeth in the same way the beauty queens do.
    And sellotaped his knickers to his cheeks.

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