A message from Sarah Palin to you and me

Sarah Palin never fails to warm the cockles of my heart. From her ever endearing wink to her seemingly clueless nature she always, always brings a smile to my face.

Then, as if in a dream, she seemed to be talking directly to me — via Twitter.

Sarah, darling, you have me so wrong.

You almost have a point: we’re getting so close to the bottom of the barrel that our addiction to oil is pushing us to extract it from places that we know when things go wrong we have no way of fixing the problem.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is no exception. Instead of the bayous of Louisiana coated in a thick oil sludge, you’d have one of the most important, biodiverse, and beautiful regions of Alaska pockmarked with rigs, run off ponds, roads, pipelines and there is still potential for massive environmental damage.

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  1. A special kind of person – like the millions who listen regularly to Fox ‘News’ regularly & believe !!

    I once thought O’Rielly was bad enough but then came Beck & then Palin.

    Murdoch, how do you sleep at night – perhaps he doesn’t need to, just hangs himself on a meat-hook awaiting the full moon.

  2. “Now do I you get it?”

    No I don’t, why does anyone listen to you..? It takes a special kind of individual to think Palin is a good leader…

  3. The heart of a frog has cockles?
    Palin’s cracked.
    She has a throng of supporters on Farrarblog.

  4. Palin, addressing an audience in Hamilton, Ontario, on 19 April 2010.

    “[America and Canada] can pave the way for conventional, proven sources of energy with nuclear and clean coal technology and on and offshore drilling,” Palin told the audience.

    Wonder what happened the next day and 3 days later to make her change her mind about the “offshore” bit?

  5. It never ceases to astound me that people could possibly think like this. Sarah Palin is a train-wreck, and as such it is difficult to look away. I hope the upcoming generation has the sense to laugh at her antics rather than consider them seriously.

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