Mining Schedule 4 is economically negligent

That’s a tough word, but to my mind, selling off our clean, green image for only $36 per voter (one off price!) can only be described as negligent.

That’s the low down from a series of economic reports commissioned by Forest & Bird as part of their submission into the mining of Schedule 4 consultation.

It seems that the true economic benefit of digging up the minerals in Schedule 4 is only $100 million, which comes to only $36 per voter. The potential tourism losses of up to $6.1 billion, in exchange for $100 million in economic benefit, kill any notion that this is a good idea.

Metiria has had her say, and NoRightTurn has also waded into the debacle.

Given how determined Gerry Brownlee is to see some economic development, it’s a shame we have to add digging up our National Parks to the list of Government growth strategies with a negative cost benefit. 😉

How about we research how to acheive prosperity without growth?

Do you need any economics savvy to write policy for this Government?

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  1. It’s in mine Sam, but in my version, the Shorter Dictionary of Descriptive Terms it only has 5 letters.

  2. Oooooh… “negligent” that’s soooo tough! (or was “economically” the tough one?)

    How about “corrupt”? “Rich dickheads”? “Capitalist scum”? “Wreckers”? “Fat cats”? “Selfishshort-sightedgraspingstupidideologicallyblindedknuckledraggerssellingoutmyheritageandthecountry’sfutureforamessofpottage”? (I admit the last word isn’t in the dictionary, but it should be.)

  3. Ahh, but ‘cost-per-voter’ is only one way of looking at the sale; ‘commission to salesman’ is the standard real-estate agent or deal-broker’s way of accounting these things, I mean just look at the number of shonky appartments that have been built and sold, with no thought for the future viability of the contract.

    In this context, I’d say “cherchez le contrat”, and check who’s getting a nice, big, fat commission for doing the intermediary work. Then see which Ministers of the Crown are so damn keen to see this go through, and work out why.

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