Mining Schedule 4 is economically negligent

by frog

That’s a tough word, but to my mind, selling off our clean, green image for only $36 per voter (one off price!) can only be described as negligent.

That’s the low down from a series of economic reports commissioned by Forest & Bird as part of their submission into the mining of Schedule 4 consultation.

It seems that the true economic benefit of digging up the minerals in Schedule 4 is only $100 million, which comes to only $36 per voter. The potential tourism losses of up to $6.1 billion, in exchange for $100 million in economic benefit, kill any notion that this is a good idea.

Metiria has had her say, and NoRightTurn has also waded into the debacle.

Given how determined Gerry Brownlee is to see some economic development, it’s a shame we have to add digging up our National Parks to the list of Government growth strategies with a negative cost benefit. ;-)

How about we research how to acheive prosperity without growth?

Do you need any economics savvy to write policy for this Government?

frog says

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