Auckland says sustainable transport, National says motorways

by frog

I hopped along to the launch of the Auckland Regional Land Transport Strategy last week. I’ve blogged about the strategy before so won’t say much.

Basically it sets a different direction for transport in Auckland than that favoured by the National government. It prioritizes major sustainable transport projects like the CBD rail loop for funding and completion – rather than the motorways favoured by Steven Joyce.

Obviously, I think this is great as it’s right in line with Green transport policy. But the conflict between central and local government goals for transport in Auckland is going to cause some problems for the new Auckland Transport agency. This graph (taken from the ARLTS) sums the problem up nicely.

Basically, if the Auckland Transport agency tries to fulfil the Auckland Regional Land Transport Strategy (as it is meant to do) while relying on the government for funding then it will have too much money for state highways and not enough for passenger (that’s public) transport.

An obvious solution would be for National to listen to what local government in Auckland wants and then readjust it’s funding policies accordingly. Unfortunately, Vote Transport doesn’t suggest that will happen any time soon.

What do you think – will the government start putting more funding into sustainable transport in our major cities soon?

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