Do we really want to go back to FPP?

by frog

The recent British election has clearly demonstrated what a deeply flawed and undemocratic system FPP is.

The Labour Party got 6% more of the vote than the Liberal Democrat Party but they got over 400% more seats- seem fair to you?

MMP is a much fairer system as pretty much everyone’s vote counts and so they have someone in Parliament who represents them (the obvious exception being votes for a party that doesn’t reach the 5% threshold. This counted out NZ First in the 2008 election, and if Britain had a similar system it would have counted out the BNP who only got 1.9%of the vote – not that I’m suggesting there are parallels between those parties :)

As you all know by now, there is a MMP referendum coming in 2011 and while the process is generally fair. There is a glaring omission in the lack of campaign spending caps as this means the pro-FPP groups will be able to spend as much as they want trying to buy a result.

 The MMP referendum Bill is currently before Select Committee – if you would like to make a submission on it, have a look at our guide.

 If you would like to be more involved more in the fight to save democracy, check out the Campaign for MMP website.

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