Send ’em all down pit, Paula

by frog

Let’s hope Gerry Brownlee and Paula Bennett don’t pick up on this policy initiative from Australian Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott:

Mr Abbott proposed banning the dole for young people in a bid to fill the massive skills shortages in the resources sector.

He raised the controversial idea during a two-hour meeting with senior resources industry leaders in Perth on Monday night, The Australian newspaper reported.

He said cutting dole payments to people aged under 30 would take pressure off the welfare system and reduce the need to bring in large numbers of skilled migrants to staff mining projects in Western Australia and Queensland.

It’s gone down like a cup of cold sick with the Australian mining industry:

Minerals Council of Australia chief executive Mitch Hooke said the industry was happy to talk to anyone with good ideas about meeting the skills challenge.

“However, mining is a hi-tech industry often requiring very specialised skills,” Mr Hooke said. “It is not a simple matter of picking someone off the street and sending them over to Western Australia or wherever to work in a mine”.

So it will probably never happen in Australia, but with Gerry’s obsession with mining and Paula’s obsession with beneficiary bashing, who knows what could happen here.

As for the difficulties the Australian mining industry is having getting skilled workers, isn’t the solution obvious? Pay higher wages.

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