Podcast: Carter, conflicts, and Canterbury

Cantabrians are fired up about legislation passed under urgency last month which sacked their regional councillors and circumvented the established process for Water Conservation Orders on Canterbury Rivers.

Amidst the furore an interesting set of circumstances has come to light around Agriculture Minister David Carter. Green Party Co-leader Russel Norman revealed in Parliament that Carter may have had a conflict of interest in relation to the ECAN Bill, which he did not declare to Cabinet.

In this podcast, Russel teases out the exact circumstances of this complicated affair.

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  1. The Standard

    Descendant Of Smith
    23 April 2010 at 4:48 pm

    Actually they can do more than that – they can protest, they can voice their opinion,.they can boycott, they can debate, they can put in 100’s of applications for water use and tie up the committee with loads of red tape, they can reveal things to the public they the public may not know, they can petition, they can walk into the MP’s office day after day after day complaining peacefully, they can write letters – there are heaps more democratic things they can do without waiting for the next election.

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