Greens call for horse lanes

by frog

The Green Party today called for horse lanes to be introduced in New Zealand towns and cities.

“We need to look for carbon neutral transport options to fight climate change, we appreciate that not everyone has the fitness level to cycle, and that think that horse lanes could be a balanced and workable solution,” said Russel Norman, Associate Green Party Horse spokesperson today.

“Getting people riding to work has a number of advantages it would reduce carbon emissions, create jobs in the horse industry, get people exercising, and produce manure that can be used in municipal gardens.

“Horse lanes are a win-win-win-win proposal; that’s four wins which is a lot,” added Dr Norman.

“As part of getting people back into work, the Government could introduce horse training for beneficiaries. John Key’s Government seems intent on making beneficiaries jump through as many hoops as possible – it’s only fair that they be provided horses to help with this.

“That makes it five wins for horse lanes, which is huge. It’s a lot higher win ratio than the Government usually requires for roading proposals,” commented Dr Norman.

“I’m quite excited by the possibility of more horses being ridden to work – they’re beautiful animals and I would definitely ride one if I had the chance,” said Dr Norman.

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