A postcard on Eden Park

Gerry Brownlee likens the Government’s Schedule 4 mining proposals to “a postcard on Eden Park”.

Coromandel Watchdog sees it somewhat differently, and has produced this scale image to help us all see it their way:

You can download it and print it out if you like, then write on the back:

Honourable Gerry Brownlee
Minister of Energy and Resources

Then trim it if necessary and put it in the post as a postcard (no stamp required).  It might help Gerry to get the message.

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  1. Looks like you guys are having fun here.. 🙂

    So here’s a little addition. News in tonight is how the World Gold Council is pushing its prediction of China doubling its gold market in ten years.

    For those who really want to know why take a look at the two-word count on it blog latest addition.

    For those who spot the emphasis word market this doubling is dollars more than production gold. How do I know this..? Answer: following the WGC announcement the lolly scramblers hit Shanghai and Hong Kong indexes, but not the Nikkei..

    Some interesting things going on, not least the fact of enzed’s push likely to hit a competitive wall sooner more than later.. which, changes to RMA, Schedule 4 etc., would have been to aid rapid take-up. That said, repeat, the China driver looks more about stashing cash valuably/convertibly than real jobs-based need.

    So the fun stakes are on… make of it what you will.

  2. A wee tip – if you are wanting to do as frog suggests and print this off as a postcard to Brownlee, don’t use stock heavier than 150gsm unless you know your printer can handle it.

    Mine just spat the dummy when I tried to feed a sheet of 250gsm card through it.

    Gerry could well do with a little less weight anyhow!

  3. Thanks Toad, shame can’t use the weblink, but I’ll do what I can with this.

    Very interesting, considering they have all squeeled “no, we don’t know any mining companies”, and this looks like a red-handed big fat lie.

    Or am I reading this too simply? 😉

    Meanwhile, great protest at Parlie today, all sorts of people stood up and said a piece, including Metiria and a lot of our MP’s (and at least one ex-Greens staffer, lol.)
    Good pix here:
    I think they may be getting the message that the citizenry doesn’t like mining in National Parks.

  4. @katie 5:59 PM

    It is here (PDF – in right column – you may have to blow it up bit to read it), katie. Can’t find an html version. At risk of a retort from Kevin or Shunda, perhaps they don’t do html on the Coast (the miners and their apologists that is – stuck in the 19th century).

  5. Well Toad I didn’t know all that!!
    Was Alan responsible or was it one of the others? they are a big family Toad!

  6. Toad,
    do you have a link for where the Birchfields info came from?
    Like, somewhere they were bragging about their ‘investment’ in the National campaign? A friend of mine is very interested and works for a news agency…

    ‘fly, shunda, you are welcome to participate in this golden-egg hunt 🙂

  7. According to Kevin Hague it seems that the Birchfield of Birchfields Ross Mining who donated the Nats the gold nugget is the same scumbag Alan Birchfield who actively subverted Earth Hour by firing up the largest electric gold dredge in the southern hemisphere to scuttle earth hour electricity consumption reductions. Thanks for that info, Kevin. We need to keep a close eye on this guy.

    Anyone giving odds on the Nats, who purport to being committed to being committed to addressing climate change (but implement policies that exacerbate it), giving the money they got from raffling the gold nugget back to Birchfield on a matter of principle?

  8. Ah, this gold nugget, ‘fly:

    While on the coast, Key attended a fundraising dinner. The article notes:

    The fundraiser dinner attracted 167 people who had paid $50 each to attend and further funds were being raised with the raffling of a $1000 gold nugget donated by Birchfields Ross Mining.

    (Emphasis added).

    So, when John Key said at his press conference the other day that he didn’t know whether National received donations from the mining industry before the last election, because he didn’t handle that stuff, he was lying. A mining company made a donation (and a valuable raffle prize is a donation), and Key was there when National received the benefit from it.

    And the Shell Game makes a return, I see.

  9. @greenfly 2:34 PM

    It’s because there is not much we can do about tin mines in Uzbekistan. But we can do something about mining on schedule 4 land, and its great to see people rallying together to stop it.

  10. Ianthe forest is in their sights!! there’s gold under them damn pesky Podocarps, cockroaches of the forest them is!!!

  11. The entire Ecan board, ‘relieved of their burden’, eh!

    Smith had the arrogance to claim that it was the democratic will of Cantabrians, that this action was taken.

    Greasy little weasel (from the middle of a slippery knot of greasy weasels).

  12. Toad – we’re all nimbys to some extent.
    We’re hardly getting steamed up over planned tin mines in Uzbekistan.

  13. @A1kmm

    Yep, I agree. I was just taking the piss out of the nimby types who seem to think this sort of thing is okay as long as it is not anywhere near their home or holiday home.

  14. > Glad theyr’e not planning one near my place.
    Schedule 4 conservation land is an asset which belongs to all New Zealanders. So if National gets their way, they are building more than one near your place.

  15. Dennis Tegg from Coromandel Watchdog:

    The Waihi mining operations are equivalent in size to around 70 Eden Parks”

    Eden Park’s South Stand is about 10 meters lower than the height of the wall propping up the tailings dam at Waihi. The hazardous waste in the dam would fill Eden Park scores of times, and still be spilling over the top of the stands.

    Glad theyr’e not planning one near my place.

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