Kevin Hague

Greens promote good farm stories this Farm Day

by Kevin Hague

Don’t forget to visit our Good Farm Stories website for Farm Day this Sunday.

There are great things going on in rural New Zealand with some farmers proving that we can have both a healthy farming sector and a healthy environment.

One of the last things Jeanette Fitzsimons did before leaving Parliament was to put together a collection of good farm stories about improving animal health, protecting rivers and streams, reducing pesticide use, improving biodiversity, managing the soil, and protecting against drought.

The Good Farm Stories website features eighteen of the best examples of excellence in sustainable farming. Farmers from Otago, Canterbury, Wairarapa, Hawke’s Bay, Bay of Plenty and the Waikato are featured on the website.

Farmers have received a lot of bad publicity of late due to factory pig farming, polluted rivers and streams, and the proposal to farm cows in cubicles in the Mackenzie Country. This Green project helps balance a debate often dominated by a minority of farmers who are abusing the environment.

There is a good farm story for every ‘dirty dairy’ story that turns up in the papers. These good farmers are ambassadors for New Zealand’s clean, green brand.