Factory farming reprieve

by frog

Some fantastic news late last night – the companies applying to start factory-style dairy farms in the Mackenzie Country have shelved their effluent consent applications, citing costs.

This is a real victory for the Greens, the environmental movement, and everyone who’s spoken up in opposition to the proposals since we revealed them in December. More than 4,000 people made submissions against the proposals, and a facebook group against them has more than 27,000 members.

However, as Russel has pointed out this morning in this press release, the battle is not over yet. The iconic Mackenzie Country landscape is still at threat from applications to take water for irrigation in the upper Waitaki, and the applicants are saying they may reapply for the effluent consents in future.

Environment Minister Nick Smith had some lovely green rhetoric on Morning Report this morning – he should follow it with a National Policy Statement on the Mackenzie that actually protects it in future!

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