The Nubrella and other cycling news

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Tip of the pen to the Cycling Advocacy Network who provided me with most of these links.

First off – welcome to the Nubrella – a hands-free umbrella you can wear while cycling. So long, as CAN says, “you don’t mind looking like you’ve been partially devoured by a giant transparent caterpillar”.

So will the Nubrella revolutionise cycling in NZ? Well, I don’t like to be pessimistic about its chances but a lot of cycling advocates believe strongly that the perception you can’t “cycle and look normal (or be normal)” is one of the main barriers to cyclists getting started. That’s why bloggers like Unity Finesmith and groups like Frocks on Bikes are so keen to push the message that cyclists can be stylish.

Would you wear a nubrella?

In other cycling news

* The British government has just released an Active Travel strategy which aims to make 2010 -2020 the “Decade of Cycling”. Among other initiatives they want to provide cycle training to every child in Britain. Isn’t that a great aspiration?

* In possibly related news John Key recently had a good time on his bike at St Mary’s school in Hastings. He was there because Paul McArdle, a wealthy donor, has just given 62 new bicycles to the school and installed several cycle tracks around the school in an effort to encourage cycling. While right now this new Bikes in Schools initiative is being driven privately perhaps if it is successful the government will take the plunge and decide to invest in rolling it out to more schools around NZ.

* And finally, a new study just published by NASA suggests that on-road transportation is/will be the biggest global contributor to climate change in the short-term. A compelling argument for more investment in the active modes (cycling and walking) you might think…

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