An update on Russel’s dirty rivers tour

by frog

Russel is rafting and kayaking down some of our most polluted lowland rivers this summer, as a fun and unusual way to draw attention to the water pollution problems in our own backyard.

Click here for detailed reports and photos from each trip.

Plus check out media coverage of Russel on the Manawatu, the Hutt, the Taumarere, and the Waihou.

This morning Russel’s been at Lake Ellesmere (the first lake on the tour) which has been closed due to toxic algal blooms since late Feb. I sincerely hope he didn’t swallow any!

Got any particularly dirty rivers or lakes in your area? How many times have your favourite swimming spots been closed this summer? Let us know in the comments.

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Published in Environment & Resource Management by frog on Fri, March 5th, 2010   

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